What's next for your business?

Covid-19, murder hornets

I ended 2019 and started 2020 offering a program called Hindsight is 2020, Its goal was to help my clients start the 20s decade off with a well-crafted vision of who they wanted to be, what experiences they wished to have, and which accomplishments would be deserving of their energy as the new year began. After the reality of Covid-19 sunk in, I encouraged my clients to do the exercises in Hindsight is 2020 again, appreciating a new current reality, with an eye towards really understanding what might have changed in their action plans, assuming their who, what, and why's didn't change.

As we approach the halfway mark of what has been an extraordinary year by any worldwide measure, it's feels like the right time to create something together. Working alone to move forward, especially when nature is conspiring to keep us physically apart, doesn't work for me. Or, if you're here, for you.

Better Together

Here's the idea. We are social creatures. We work better together, when we can share ideas and challenges. When we give of ourselves (our knowledge, our energy, our ideas) we get so much more in return.

As solopreneurs and entrepreneurs of small businesses, we don't have lots of opportunities to talk about the things that aren't going right, much less really celebrate the things that are going phenomenally well.

So let's do something about it to help ourselves and each other.

What exactly? I'm suggesting a combination of a mastermind group where we all work together, combined with one-to-one coaching to ensure you and your business get the maximum benefits possible.

Mastermind Component

We get together twice a month to celebrate our success and share our ideas. Unlike other mastermind groups, you're not responsible for leading the group or coming up with material; I do that. You show up and grow.

As peers you represent a sounding board and a focus group for each other. You help one another through the various aspects of running your businesses. Without trying to sell to one another. We support each other in our growth. We share ideas to help everyone, even as we get help ourselves.

As your coach, I jump in during these meetings to challenge your perspective and any limiting beliefs, to help you in real time with your ideas.

Individual Focus Coaching

Once a month you meet with me individually for a private one-to-one coaching experience. It's like your own personal "Executive Board Meeting." We work on you, on your business, on your agenda. We discuss what's happening for you in the Mastermind sessions, and how you can include it as a significant part of your toolset as you move forward on your journey.

This magical combination of group and individual coaching serves up many benefits for you:

  • By helping others in the group, you grow yourself.

  • You get their perspectives and experience to add to your own.

  • You get accountability from your peers.

  • You get the benefit of a certified coach facilitating the group process who is truly focused on your success.

  • And you get individualized attention to sharpen the experience and propel you to action.

Participate as long as it's good for you. I am asking for a 3 month minimum commitment, to allow the group time to really form, and for the actions we co-create to yield results. After 3 months if you've gotten everything you need, go and do great things in the world! If you want to participate in Your Acceleration Group a little longer, or much longer, you can.

There's no catch. And participation is only $296 per month, paid in advance (monthly).

If you're interested in joining, or want to talk about it a little more, fill in the form below.

Please know that the form below may be difficult to see on a small screen (cell phone). Please scroll over the words "I'm in" to see the form, if necessary.

And, what next?

2020 has delivered Covid-19 to our shores. And Murder Hornets. And (apparently) validation of UFOs. There's a lot of speculation about what's next.

Here's the thing. How about you decide? You decide what's next - join Your Acceleration Group and define what's next for you and your business. And forget about the murder hornets.