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Did you hear about my latest endeavor, 100 conversations?

I'm looking to have 100 conversations in 100 days on the theme of achieving balance. I'm passionate about helping people achieve balance in their lives, and I want to learn from 100 different people - where they're successful and where they're not - in doing so. Everyone has a unique perspective, and the more I learn from you the more I can help others too. It's an easy way to multiply your impact™!

I also want to help 100 people think a little differently about this topic in their own lives. In our current pandemic environment, this has become all the more critical as our homes have become our workplaces as well.

AND, I want others to benefit from these conversations. So, I'm asking for a $10 donation for each conversation. All the monies collected for these conversations will be donated to the charity I'm supporting through a bicycling activity, the American Cancer Society (Pan Ohio Hope Ride). I'll be riding across Ohio in July raising money to help defeat cancer, which has touched my family and friends, and likely yours as well.

If you'd like to share about your experiences with achieving balance, either because you have, or because you're still working on it, please complete the form below and press Send. I'm certain we'll both benefit from the time together!

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